Safety and ScienceSince 1987 STEP Netherlands has been in the market of ergonomics and lowering physical strain in the workplace for businesses and organizations. Throughout the years STEP has gathered extensive knowledge and experience in the prevention of physical strain in relation to a wide variety of industries. Among our international clientele we are honoured to include BASF, Engie, DHL, and Essity and on national level all University Medical Centres and a variety of market-leading companies in the construction, transport, retail and insurance branches.

All the advice we provide, has been scientifically tested and proven and are in accordance with the latest international scientific research. In our risk assessment we exclusively use validated measurement protocols such as KIM, NIOSH, OCRA, SNOOK and CFL. Our measurements are acquired using direct bio-feedback including, but not limited to, the application of the STEP BodyGuard®.

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