Bosman pallet tillenHenry Tenten, Wim Bosman Transport
A relatively light pallet, about 3 meters long, was in the wrong place. I bent forwards to pick up this pallet and place it correctly. When I stood up straight, something went wrong. I felt a cracking sensation in my lower back. It hurt a lot and I knew instantly that this was bad. At this moment I am back at work, improvements have been made to my vehicle and I am now conscious of the way I need to bend and lift. So far there has been no sign of back pain. I owe this largely to STEP.


herstel bij nekklachten
Mark Roovers, Safety Manager, Bakkersland
I started getting some complaints in my neck and right arm, but I assumed this would decrease over time. After a few weeks it became clear that this was not the case and the pain only increased. I travel a lot and work primarily with a laptop when I am on the road. STEP explained to me how these injuries occur. We adjusted several locations where I work, as well as my seating position in the car. At this moment the pain in my neck has disappeared completely. Excellent!


Maurits van Uhm
During the Christmas holidays I had once again spent a week in bed because of lower backpain. I received positive guidance in the treatment of my injury with STEP. The result is that I now apply safe body-use about 80% of the time without thinking about it. I no longer experience any kind of back pain. This is truly unbelievable after a period of 25 years where I constantly struggled with these complaints. STEP helped me realise that backpain doesn’t just happen to you, but that you are 95% in control of these complaints yourself.