Every organisation is different and has different focus areas. Implementation of our unique approach significantly reduces absenteeism due to physical strain injuries. We enable this by training employees in safe body-use in order to prevent injuries both at work and in everyday life and by providing personal care for an employee, should injuries occur. This is why several insurance companies and the European Social Fund often reimburse our actions.

In almost all branches of industry, absenteeism due to physical strain is a problem which is worsened by the increasing age of the workforce. Because re-integration after an injury is challenging, the priority is the prevention of these injuries. This is not only more practical and cost-efficient, but also easier.

One of our unique features is the use of the BodyGuard®, which allows us to measure physical strain in dynamic working situations. In this manner it is possible to provide reliable data for high-risk activities and shows where improvements can be made.

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